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Can't decide what style category you fit into?

nikki chadwick

Feeling lazy some winter days and you just wanna feel relaxed, comfortable but perhaps even stylish at the same time? Go androgynous, dress in neutral colours with your warmest coat, but style in comfort with your best sneakers.

I don't want to give off the wrong impression that I dress up everyday.. that would just be unrealistic. I always have key clothing items to wear when I just can't be F****ed. I thought I'd share this if you feel like your in the same head space and wanna look like you give a little F*** about what you look like... but most likely just want to feel comfortable. Style is all about comfort. If you feel uncomfortable don't buy it or don't wear it, its either not the day or your only wearing it to impress someone else. Stick with your style no matter what, even if you go from one sub culture style to the other... it's whatever you feel is right. This is what being true to yourself is (in ze clothes department). 

I guess I'm writing this because I try and keep within a certain theme or style... but always finding myself liking something completely opposite. To be honest I just have to stick to what's right for me, and you gotta just stick to whatever's right for you. 

Love The Tourist

Photography: Lily Kerr

Pants/Country Road - Jacket/Asos - Jumper/Country Road - Sneakers/Original Adidas 

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