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How Short's too Short?

nikki chadwick

After getting my hair stuck in doors, between my back and seats, and not being able to maintain the mane, it was time for the ultimate chop. YESS ALLL GONEE. Life feels free and fresher now, but how short is too short? 

To be honest whatever makes you feel comfortable is the best option. Just make sure your using healthy products... and probably don't wash your hair every day like me. Apparently it's not good for your hair but I do it anyways... oh well.. For those of you who are wondering what I use, whenever I get my hair cut, I use KMS Moist Repair, just because I just got my hair dyed and don't want the ends becoming all strawy and snapping too soon. You really don't have to spend a lot on products, I just use that until it runs out and then move onto whatever's left in the shower really.

Usually when I get out of the shower, I leave it to dry naturally. I do this because I've got a round face and if I blow dry my short hair it goes all boofy and extenuates the roundness of my face which I ain't comfortable with. Once it's dry, I straighten the ends so it's not looking like a bob, then I spray some John Frieda Frizz Ease into my hair and teaze the top with my fingers.

Voila! A perfect recipe for my now, healthy looking hair!

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