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Funky Footwear

nikki chadwick

It's time I added colour to my outfits. A nice funky feature was just the trick, not going to lie, this was an impulse buy, but one I know I won't regret. As a monochromatic maniac, I never really looked into Gorman. I was scared of all the colourful patterns, and if I finally nailed the pattern clashing... I was scared of the fashion repeat situation. However I spotted these shoes in the window and decided to go in. It turns out I'm now Gorman's secret admirer! 

I think it's a good idea to add a little splash of colour to the all-black outfits, and stand out of the monochromatic crowd this season with a dash of colour somewhere in your accessories department. 

Gorman.. How are ya!

Love The Tourist 

Photography by: Natasha Trgo @tash8889

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