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Daydreaming Denim

nikki chadwick

Spring in Sydney always gives you that nervous feeling of what to wear before leaving the house for work or uni in a rush. Is it going to be cold or hot? I always think of my birthdays and what I've worn since its at the end of November and usually quite cold... well at least for the past few years. However there can be freak hot days that's for sure. I know it's not even november yet but there are still chills in the air. That's where the denim always comes in handy. No matter what, a pair of denim jeans is safe in terms of.. matching anything and keeping you warm or cool.

While I was away in Europe I defiantly went on a denim spree and bought myself three new denim pants and some short denim dungarees (as seen above). However, there are three most important denim jeans all girls must have in your closet. 

1. Black skinny jeans - Excellent for dressing up on a cold night or day.

2. Light Blue Denim Jeans with Rips - Ripped jeans are in at the moment and give a perfect edge to your outfit. I wanted ripped jeans but wasn't sure if I should have gone ripped in black or Boyfriend Jeans. I feel as though light blue denim jeans can be a bit boring at times, so I thought I'd get em with rips. 

3. Boyfriend Jeans - Bought without rips... seeing as though they are already baggy and already have rips in my other jeans.

Pretty much I just balanced my jeans out so that they all had different equal qualities. Nothing too over done. 

Next up for what you need for spring. Defiantly get yourself denim dungarees, whether they are in short or skirt form. I got mine from Urban Outfitters in the UK. Some really good dungaree skirt I found was from

Brandy and Melville

Get denim shorts from



Get denim skirts from either



American Apparel


The Tourist 

Jeans 1 - TopShop Mom Jeans

Jean 2 - TopShop Jamie Jeans

Jeans 3 - TopShop Leigh Jeans

Dungarees - Urban Outfitters

Shorts - Vintage