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nikki chadwick

I think there is too much to say about Greece seeing as I loved it so much. Having no expectations of what was to come of this way too short of a trip, made the experience more exciting, inspiring and was my favourite place so far. It's paradise. I must say since I was planning my Europe trip by myself, I had to plan my way around other people at times, and Greece was no place to experience alone, so a week was the only time I spent in the beautiful Islands of Mykonos, Ios and then Santorini, each with its own unique vibe. I wasn't actually supposed to spend a night in Mykonos, but because the ferries didn't co-ordinate with my flight I had to stay and ended up having such a fun night. Next up was Ios, which I thought was a bit tacky at first but once we wondered over to Circus Bar for a night out, two Aussie boys perched up on the wall in the tiniest little room, completely full and playing some classic songs in acoustic versions hooked me in. Was such a chilled and happy night! 

After two days in Ios, we caught a ferry over to Santorini where at first I was fouled by the village being so far away from the shore for which I thought was just a resort "stay in the hotel", sort of holiday. It wasn't until we went out for dinner on the first night and found the most incredible view I had ever witnessed, that I realised how special and romantic it was... thinking of a special someone at home who needs to come back with me. It really was the couple retreat or perfect family holiday.

And don't get me started on the Nutella crepes and Gyros' which was kind of like a greek wrap for two euros fifty. Delish!!! If you go you must try! Then an experience I'll never forget was Donkey Riding down the mountain from Fira. However, tip for whoever rides a donkey, walk to the bottom of the mountain and ride up... don't do what we did and ride down 15 minutes and walk 30 minutes up, although we got some nice toned legs..

The Tourist