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nikki chadwick

Europe Trip: Week 1 and 2
Hey Guys I've been up to a lot since I last posted. I've even been to Amsterdam for four days with two high school friends, however I'll update you later on that. Here are some Instagram pics of the first two weeks I had spent in London. I mostly spent it with Clemmie, my old english school friend and Shannon who had come over from Aus as well. I'd have to say the thing that I had been doing most was walking everywhere. Seriously I swear my legs are going to fall off any minute, however nice and toned for South Europe beach paradise adventures ;) In the first two weeks in London I actually went to a Buddhist temple to do some meditation, just to further clear my mind. It was this amazing little temple in Wimbledon Parkside called the Buddhapadipa Temple. After being lost by myself with no cabs around and the buses not accepting my Oyster card because I had no money left, and not even having anywhere to top it up, a bus driver finally accepted me onto the bus and I literally showed up sweating from running from the bus stop. A monk greeted me on arrival at the temple and began with some chanting and then moving into this incredible red room painted with some interesting abstract and fantasy looking art, to do some meditation. What a cool down from the marathon i had just ran.

Honestly I haven't done a lot of shopping, I think I'm just waiting for Berlin because things are seeming very expensive, including bus and tube transport. I did some shopping at Topshop and bought two pairs of jeans, two bras (coz I only packed two by mistake :/), and my amazing long black jacket. 

I also started my Fashion and Photography Editorial course at the London College of Contemporary Art, which is really interesting and feeling a lot more comfortable with taking photos out in public once again. Hopefully if I get some nice photos out I will defiantly start sharing them on my blog etc.

I've honestly been catching up with friends and just having a relaxing time and doing my course. Stay tuned for some more Tourist Updates on Amsterdam, some more outfit posts and some more Landan town.

The Tourist