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Personal Update

nikki chadwick

From saving and not buying any clothes at all until Europe, I have finally given in to the only thing that I can get my hands on that is the closest thing to the latest trends. Yes I hit up the local newspaper store and stocked up hard on magazzzines! First of all mum wanted Vogue Living because we were told our newly renovated house was on the cover of a Hare and Klein book that had featured in V.L. However after all the excitement it was just a tiny book in the corner of the page with the front cover as a random close up of the sides of one of our chairs and some sort of red plant practically covering it. Long story short it was a bit disappointing, however now I have more blog inspiration a long with my four other new magazzzzines!

I am from now on going to take more time really sorting out my blog posts since I'm slowing gaining my own personal style. I have felt for a long time that my style has seriously changed and thinking it was a scary thing in the beginning has now blossomed into something really good and that I am finally starting to be very proud of. I really want to start opening up to my readers whoever you may be. Therefore I am going to really start writing more interesting things about my daily routines, what I am doing, what I'm not doing and even start to give fashion tips in writing since I could have wrongly mistaken the aspect that images speak louder than words. Apparently people do like to read (I guess i'll have to admit now that I'm a guilty mag image flipper througher).

It's really been a tough past year for me, I lost my dad to cancer this time last year and so my passions and aspirations didn't matter so much to me and was worrying about other people and didn't realise I was losing myself. I got a bit worried about that and so I decided to lift myself up, take a gap year this year and work on myself. I lost a lot of my passion for fashion I guess you could say, and it got me really upset because its kinda my thing, and I'm sure a lot of people who know me could vouch for that. It may sound strange to people that it got me upset, but I'm sure if you could imagine yourself losing something you really enjoy and live for, I'm sure you'd feel quite lost. So of course Back to Basics I start.

Things are looking a lot clearer for me so do not worry at all. I have been really motivated this year to save for Europe, test the water out in different creative areas that I might like to pursue one day (like the work experience I just did with Hare and Klein the interior design company), then in Europe I'll be doing a Fashion, Photography and Editorial short course at the London College of Contemporary Arts at the beginning of June, then July I'll travel around Europe with friends and then come back and do something new, but I'm not sure yet. All of which I will be updating you about by the way!

So anyways I'm making this post because blogging is my passion and it's influenced by the journey of my life and interests, where there are going to be good and bad things that will happen like in anybody else's life, and that's completely and utterly important because it's the core of my blog, since it shapes what I will and what I may not post. I thought I should just let you guys, the supporters of my blog in on what had really been up under all the images.