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All about the Thick Fabric

nikki chadwick

I hadn't previously been shopping at Zara in Sydney, since they went on a massive rainbow splash out recently, so I never found myself loured in. However I now can't stay out of the store, and because they change their clothes around practically every day, new things keep popping up and I'm in desperate need of these items. I went to Zara the other day and found this really cute top, above. It's got this really fabulous thick fabric similar to the ones that the Qantas Hostess' use. (I love their uniform, and shout of to my boyfriends mum for working it... and probably being the only person who likes every single one of my posts).

So anyways I'll be posting outfits in this ASAP! Stay tuned.

The Tourist 

Zara/ Top - Iphone Case/Seed