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Our Food Baby - the Blog

nikki chadwick

How good is food looking right now. You wake up for your morning Instagram scroll and the next thing you want to be doing is making that delicious looking smoothie thats been saturated in that photo filter, making you salivate over your pillow. I want it. So what do I do, go on a food spree taking the most deliscious looking recipes from, or any foodstagrams and start creating my own little meals.

I think sometime in your life you might come across a really healthy stage and I think thats happening to me right now. After no exercise all last year, I think its time to get back into shape and hit the gym, along with eating healthy food.


P.s To find out more about this delicious Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake that doesn't have cheese or fudge in it, keep watching the side of my blog, as a bubble for 'OUR FOOD BABY' (the blog) will appear.