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Happy 1 Year Tourist

nikki chadwick

It's time. I've thought long and hard about this moment. Ooo what will people think of me? What if I spell something wrong, and people laugh at me? What if a stranger puts all my photos and information together and works out where I live and then hunts me down? Well I don't care anymore! Hello world! This is me! This is my blog! This is my facebook link:

Yes. I have created a Facebook page (after 4 years from being on blogspot), where I can easily share my blog posts around to those who are intrigued about my life, which includes sitting behind a computer screen blogging all about myself!!! (boasting, I think not..). I decided to create a Facebook page because I realised I'm not really getting my blog out there, I realised there is maybe only 3 people I know who actually have blogger, and so these are the only people who can actually follow me. Since everyone has Facebook (Da'doi!), I can share my experiences, likes and dislikes with EVERYBODDYY!

I am planning to be a more regular blogger from now on since I have finished my course at AFTRS, and have nothing to do at all. I'm hoping to get out and take more photos though because I haven't in a while. Hopefully I might even make some small videos! 

Love Nikki!