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HK: Day 3 Shenzen

nikki chadwick

Today we took a train and crossed the boarder to Shenzen, China. There was only one reason for our visit and of course it was the shopping. We entered this massive building and all these Chinese women and men started shouting prices in our faces, as well as saying "Looking?", which we just replied to as "Yes, only looking". Soon enough my sister, mum and I were completely lost in this maze of shops and people. This was due to the whole building consisting of stores that were plotted in a grid formation on all 6 levels. All shops were the same size and either sold cheap shoes, handbags, clothes. Which was right down our alley, although all the yelling at us became completely overwhelming that we didn't even want to go into their stores. 

Honestly this place in China was quite dirty and we just couldn't handle another asian restaurant with dirt on the walls (even though the food was amazing), so we ended up going to the Shangri-la hotel for lunch and had this amazing meal. It really made up for all the yelling in our ears.

Clothes: Top from Zara and Skirt from Zara are both from Hong Kong, Necklace that my friend made, Shoes from Top Shop, Jacket from Jeanswest