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HK: Day 1

nikki chadwick

FINALLY! The photos have arrived, after all this time of waiting I have finished.
Soooo Day 1 started with the best buffet in the world. You think I'm lying.. well you could chose from western to asian, hot to cold, salads to sausages and so on, and the best part of it all, was that you could go back for morrreee!

When we left the hotel, my sister, mum and I went shopping in this mall which had all these random statues of chocolate furniture. However, our only purpose at that stage was the shopping at Zara and H and M (Oh and by the way this holiday was mainly a shopping vacation and eating spree).

Then off to the Ladies Markets where we bargained our way down to unbelievable prices, like getting a fake Marc Jacobs laptop case from $80 down to $10. 

At night we were so tired that we unfortunately turned to 7 11 food for dinner, but having western food in Asia just wasn't right so we got 2 minute noodles of course and some asian lemon drinks. 

Also two photos in this series that I have to explain is the HSBC bank photo and the distressed photo of my sister in the bathroom. So since we had no Wi-fi in the hotel we were desperate enough to stand outside the HSBC store and stinge of their Wi-fi. I think it was kinda funny. Then the photo of my sister in the bathroom was taken because honestly, it was such a really nice restaurant until we headed to the bathroom and it was the most foul room i've ever been in.

Anyways, hope you like the photos.