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One Thing Every Girl Should Have

nikki chadwick

Starting fresh with a new found love for more expensive products, (not because they are designer no, but because after seeing 'The True Cost') fast fashion scares me, and as a fashion blogger, I wanna help girls out there who are working week to week paying off bills who can come to my blog and see whats out there that is affordable while still being able to pay for good quality, good wages and good people. (Please watch the True Cost).

There's one item that every girl should have and thats a crossover black bag. It is the number one essential in the eyes of the nightlife guru, cafe hopper and shopping fanatic. Whatever your doing, a crossover bag will come in handy for your 1,2,3; phone, wallet, key essentials.

From Left to Right: WANT LES ESSENTIELS DE LA VIE, Dylan Kain, Country Road, Deadly Ponies. 

Feeling The Flare

nikki chadwick

It's time to get off my ass and capture the beautiful surroundings my lovely hometown Sydney, has to offer.

Love The Tourist

Top/Country Road - Necklace/Country Road - Flare Jeans - Boots/Tony Bianco - Belt Asos

Photography by: Clara Chanisheff @clarachanisheff

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Undy Fundays

nikki chadwick

I have to say I am the worst person to go shopping with for "sexy" underwear. This includes all underwear subcategories such as lingerie, lacy push up bras, thongs and shape wear. I just don't have much junk in the trunk as some of you may understand and I'm not looking to boost any boobies or wedgie myself on casual days... but then again I ain't gonna do no Paris Hilton. I just like comfort, something relaxed and a little on the tom boy side, I go for H&M or Topshop underwear usually. I always find some fun stuff in there... that doesn't have S&M written all over it. It's nice to be able to feel fun and relaxed, knowing the only person your trying to impress is yourself (on the inside). I sometimes feel like theres this idea that the sexier and more pushed up your underwear is, the more sexier you are, and I think that this idea can make some people feel uneasy and self conscious because they may think they aren't sexy because they aren't wearing sexy lingerie, sexy bras or sexy knickers all the time. Then again I'm sure a lot of people find lingerie really comfortable which gives them lots of confidence as well. Anyways, now I'm glad there are more low-key, stylish underwear out there that can give certain people the right amount of confidence, just as much as people who wear "sexy underwear".

Here are some undy quotes I thought were quite interesting... for some reason... please enjoy my undy quotes:

"I think there's something incredibly sexy about a woman wearing her boyfriend's T-shirt and underwear" - Calvin Klein

"You can tell a lot about a person from his underwear" - Rachel Bilson 

"That's the awful thing about dating. Tight underwear. We would all like to be in a big bra and pants and when you are in a secure relationship you can do that" - Dawn French

"From the cradle to the coffin, underwear comes first" - Bertolt Brecht 

"An Oklahoma girl like me wouldn't even know how to be a diva. I'm just a parson who has a cool job. I love to be at home. I rarely go to clubs... and I always wear underwear! I just know if i fall down, and that's not for everyone to see" - Carrie Underwood

and the best one of all...

"I don't believe in the after life, although I am bringing a change of underwear" - Woody Allen

Photography by: Natasha Trgo @tash8889

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Can't decide what style category you fit into?

nikki chadwick

Feeling lazy some winter days and you just wanna feel relaxed, comfortable but perhaps even stylish at the same time? Go androgynous, dress in neutral colours with your warmest coat, but style in comfort with your best sneakers.

I don't want to give off the wrong impression that I dress up everyday.. that would just be unrealistic. I always have key clothing items to wear when I just can't be F****ed. I thought I'd share this if you feel like your in the same head space and wanna look like you give a little F*** about what you look like... but most likely just want to feel comfortable. Style is all about comfort. If you feel uncomfortable don't buy it or don't wear it, its either not the day or your only wearing it to impress someone else. Stick with your style no matter what, even if you go from one sub culture style to the other... it's whatever you feel is right. This is what being true to yourself is (in ze clothes department). 

I guess I'm writing this because I try and keep within a certain theme or style... but always finding myself liking something completely opposite. To be honest I just have to stick to what's right for me, and you gotta just stick to whatever's right for you. 

Love The Tourist

Photography: Lily Kerr

Pants/Country Road - Jacket/Asos - Jumper/Country Road - Sneakers/Original Adidas 

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4 Ways to Winter Wear Dungarees

nikki chadwick

There are so many reasons why I wanted to do a post on different ways to wear dungarees. First of all they are soooo easy to wear with almost anything, and you can either dress them up or down. If you can't think of anything to wear but want to look good on your day out in the freezing cold, they are the perfect casual and dressy casual, outfit choice. All you have to do is pull em' up and buckle them on, and your set for the day. 

4 Ways to Winter Wear Dungarees:

1. For a casual day look this winter, pair your dungarees with a long sleeve top, preferably a colour that contrasts the colour of your dungarees.  Then dress them down with some fresh sneakers.

2. If your feeling the cold air more than others, choose a warm jumper and wear it underneath the dungarees.

3. For a more stylish approach, tie a bandana around your neck and wear a t-shirt.

4. When your day heads into night and you're still feeling the comfort of those dungarees, change into a turtle neck black top to match your black dungarees, and pair your outfit with some trendy black heel boots.

Finally 10 Reason's to buy a pair of dungarees:

1. Easy to throw on

2. Pair with any top/sweater

3. Pair with any Shoes

4. Perfect for all seasons

5. Hair messy or Hair slick back

6. Fabulous for casual breaky or lunch dates

7. Don't have to wash as regularly

8. Wearing a sweater over the top to make them look like jeans

9. Great festival attire

10. You get to look like a hillbilly and no one will judge you

Love The Tourist 

Photography: Lily Kerr


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