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Final Photos from London Course

nikki chadwick

Here are my final photos I have taken from my London Fashion Photography Editorial course. Using a variety of my own clothes.

Model: Arielle Pants from Lenis Models

Photographer: Me

The Tourist 

Hermit - A Short Film

nikki chadwick

Hermit - A Short Film by Nikki Chadwick Oliver Freeman lives alone with his pet hermit crab in the midst of restless residents who are told to lock their doors, as missing persons flyers become an evident decoration on the suburban streets. However, Oliver has no problem with this, his home bound tendencies leave him nothing but his reclusive routine, aerodynamics obsession and infatuation with his beautiful neighbor Gracie. Oliver longs to live a life outside his own, having become a renowned novelist who uses his imagination to fuel his stories. As Oliver makes the transition from aerodynamic history into crime novels, the lines become blurred between his fiction and his reality... Screenplay by Rachel Giddens Starring: Jake Carr Chloe De Torres Daniel Martin Mimi Parfitt Conor Fogarty Ziad Hindi