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Top Shop Crop Top

nikki chadwick

I am sooo happy for some reason right now. Seeing as it's sunny and glowing outside, and about 21 degrees, this could possibly be the reason why. I can't wait for summer honestly, and be by the beach and hanging out with friends... OUTDOORS WOOO! Just have a lot of fun I guess. I think the sun does make me extremely excited and happy. The winter for me is always an excuse to stay indoors.. but now i'm just itching to be outdoors with a whole lotta people, have a glass of champagne in one hand and just chat all day. However, hopefully by then I will finally have a job! 

One thing I can't wait for is to do a camping festival over NYE. Either for Falls or Beyond the Valley. I know it's a while away and I'm blabbering on... I am just in one of those moods! 

Anyways enjoy my outfit of the day.

Love The Tourist 
Jeans/Topshop - Top/Topshop - Shoes/Wittner