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Festival Survival Kit

nikki chadwick

After Lost Paradise, it's clear that packing wasn't a priority when fantasising about jamming out to Boy and Bear. I give you... my festival survival kit, which will help you prepare for a camping music festival, so that when you get there... you can just enjoy the music and not have to worry about something you forgot at home. 

Gazebo, Tent, Mattress, Sleeping Bag, Tarp, pillow

Fold out table, camping chairs, Esky, ice


Loads of wet wipes, Tissues, Toilet Paper

Towel, Mini Shampoo and Conditioner (might have showers)

Torch, Lantern, Solar powered fairy lights, speakers

Waterproof Poncho, 2x garbage bags, 3x plastic bags (just incase/rubbish)

Disposable cameras (1 a day)

Snacks, Water Bottle, 15L Water Container, Plastic Cups

Surrongs (hang down from gazebo and/or sit on)

Panadol, Bandaids, Hay fever tablets (for hay fever sufferers)

Wallet (pull cash out before festival), Sunnies, Backpack, Mobile, Portable Mobile Charger

Gum Boots, Hat, One warm Jacket (Denim?), socks, undies

Outfit a day, Change of clothes for drive there and back, Gym clothes (Lost Paradise had yoga)


Elastic Bands, Hair brush, Bobby Pins, Make-up, Mirror, Hair Brush

Love The Tourist