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Mexican Stand Off

nikki chadwick

I've always had a thing for colourful handmade unique designs. I think that's always why I branch out to the Moroccan, Indian, Mexican cultures. Even though my monochromatic self hits in towards the winter, in summer, colours and things I find unique from others makes me feel a little different from other people. I guess that's whats so cool about fashion.. that you can dress how ever you want, I mean who cares about what other people are 'wearing at the moment'.. I mean I do all the time.. but take your own twist on things. I guess I'm trying to say I've always tried different styles.. I don't have my own style.. I always dress to my emotion or what I think works well, even if the era of code is totally wrong. I think that's what a lot of this year is going to be about. Going with what makes me happy. I think if your in the same predicament.. do the same! Spontaneity is what life is about... right? 

Love The Tourist 

Top/Vintage - Skirt/Vintage - Choker/Sally Gottleib - Shoes/Sportsgirl - Towel from Mexico/Inbetween Tangerine