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Your 20s

nikki chadwick

Last Saturday I turned 20. Yeeezz, 20 years old! I hardly look 18. I swear I nearly cried because I'd never be a teenager again. It honestly felt horrible. I was reminded quickly that your 20s could be the best years of your life and can define who you are... of course depending on how you spend them. Like the life visualiser I am, that got me thinking a lot about how I want to spend these years. Things I want to do, places I want to see, and goals I want to set. Finally I actually feel motivated. Maybe the 20s won't be that bad. I'll accomplish the things I need to.

So in respect of the Roaring 20s, I'm living life to the fullest, including more fantastic ideas and posts to come for all my little tourists.

For those who felt or might feel the same way, here's a few things to help you through your 20s:

Family comes first.

Go against the crowd, instead of following along with them.

Don't hold onto friends that add no value to your life.

Earn trust as you make new friends.

Don't blame anyone else but yourself for anything in life.

Energise those around you.

Don't stop growing and learning.

Remember Karma's a bitch.

Take on responsibilities.

Get some perspective.

Don't just work for money, without building your dreams.

Have fun and make the most of it.

Dream Big, nothings impossible!

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